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[Tanya Turner] ó Who Is JK Rowling? [church-ministry PDF] Read Online ì The book Who is J.
K Rowling by Tanya Turner is very informational I was a good book it even made me want to become an author like J.
K J.
K Rowling was a very smart and nice girl with lots of amazing imagination She now likes to read so she can haveideas forbooks According to the book, at age 11 and 12, typing on her computer made her forget about anything bad going on in her family I would recommend this book for readers that are studying J.
K Rowling or are planning to become an author on day.
It was great I love Harry Potter But I read it for a report and it took me 22 minutes I loved it s

I get that it was a biography and it s not supposed to be exiting but atleast it was interesting I learned a lot of things about J.
K Rowling that I never knew before I didn t know that she didn t have a middle name amd that she just made one up or that she was a single mother for a while.
but it was a great book as far as nonfiction books go and I think that every Harry Potter fan should learn about this author.
I love this book I didn t know she had kids and her one daughter Mackenzie Murray was my age I also didn t know she got married twice I had to do a google slide for this book and it was fun to do the slide and read the book This is another biography about J.
K Rowling so the summary would just be the same as the other biography.
read And Discover Why JK Rowling, Writer Of The Harry Potter Series, Is The Author Of Magic Do You Have A Dream Something So Big It Seems Impossible Some People Dream About Going To The Moon Well Guess What Neil Armstrong Did Some People Dream About Winning Gold At The Olympics Well Guess What Michael Phelps Did Some People Dream About Writing The Best Selling Children S Book Series In The World Ever And Be Made Into A Multi Million Dollar Movies Well Guess What JK Rowling Did But Reaching Her Dreams Wasn T Easy She Had To Overcome A Lot Of Difficult Circumstances In Her Life To Make It Come True In Who Is J K Rowling You Will read About Joanne Rowling The Person Behind The Pen Name JK Rowling You Will Find Out About Her Childhood, Her School Life, Her Time At University And The Struggles In Her Young Adult Life More Importantly Though, You Will Find Out About How One Woman With The Odds Stacked Against Her, Became The Richest And Bestselling Author In The World So Hurry And Get A Copy Of This Book And Discover Who JK Rowling Is

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